About Us

At TDA Structural, we serve our clients with diligent and professional attention to detail. The range of our clients reflects the inherit responsiveness, expertise, and flexibility at TDA.

We provide structural design services to Homeowners, Architects, Commercial Corporations, Contractors, State and Local Governments, Attorneys, and Real Estate Agents alike.

Fundamentally, our reputation for integrating innovative and cost-sensitive designs, while preserving the safety and architectural aesthetics of the structure, sets us apart from other firms.

Our adherence to performance-based analysis and design distinguishes us as one of the leading Structural Engineering Companies in the Bay Area. Unlike most firms, we demonstrate creative flexibility while remaining sensitive to architectural limitations; specifically, our unique training in non-linear analysis and design gives us the ability to predict the actual movement and deflections of a structure.

Our Experience

• Single Family Residential Buildings – New custom homes, Renovations and Additions, damage repair, foundation repair
• Multi-Unit Residential Buildings – New single story and multi-story buildings, renovation, seismic strengthening.
• Earthquake damage repair – commercial and residential buildings.
• Seismic upgrades of commercial buildings, types including Unreinforced Brick, Wood Framed, Concrete, Steel, CMU.
• Seismic analysis and evaluation of commercial buildings
• Commercial Renovations – Retail, Offices, Industrial, Entertainment
• Educational – Public and Private Schools, New construction and Renovation, New University Research Building
• Government Buildings – Police/Fire Stations, City Hall Building, Libraries,